Northbourne House

The Lower ground floor of this house was a dark space with unpractical layout, low head-height and therefore wasn't a nice place to live in. We have lowered the floor by 55cm to increase the head-height, converted the space under the outside front stairs into a spacious plant room. The 90m2  (incl. 15m2 new conservatory) was totally re-worked in order to add a utility room, a shower room, a gym as well as a fantastic cosy TV room & wine cellar and a super practical (while stunning) kitchen. The remodeling of the lower ground floor involved remodeling the garden stairs, planters etc. 

The upper ground floor was remodelled to add a practical wardrobe in the hall, we also increased the opening of the living room with brass critall doors, creating a separation that works both on an aesthetically point of view as well as creating a fire proof partition. 

Finally we converted a small room at the rear to a cosy open-plan office with a fabulous view on the garden. 

We have advised our clients on Interior Design aspect too for this project.